Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit 2012

These photos were taken during the 2nd and 3rd night daily program activities at the 
Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit. One of the highlighted activity aside from the daily 
Muhadarah was the giving of Sadaqah in the way of a raffle draw to the costumers and 
guests visiting the Trade. As what the photos shows, the ARMM Officials and RLA Members happily joined the people in this activity and actively participating in the different events of the Ramadhan Festival 2012.

Hon. Bainon G. Karon, Al-Hadja - Vice Governor of ARMM on her visit at the Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit.

 Vice-Governor Hadja. Bainon G. Karon giving her message during the daily program of the Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit.

Vice-Governor Hadja Bainon G. Karon as she awarded the prize of the raffle draw winner together with DOT-Assistant Sec. for BASULTA- Ma. Teressa Sakkalahul.

The OIC Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman with the ARMM Regional Secretaries and Officials, during their Iftar at Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit.

The OIC Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman as he awarded the raffle draw winner during the Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit daily program.

RLA Members and Regional Secretaries as they join to pick and award the lucky winners of the raffle draw during the daily program of the Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit.

CabSec. Norkhalila Mae B. Mambuay-Campong and Sec. Nawal Nassreena B. Sampaco-Baddirri of Tourism observing and witnessing the cooking demo of one of the Maguindanaon delicacy "Kumukunsi", at the Trade and Food Exhibit.

The Maguindanaon Kulintang Group during their showdown exhibition sponsored by DepEd-ARMM during the daily program at the Ramadhan Trade and Food Exhibit.

Ramadhan Fair 2012

COTABATO CITY. — The Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao welcome the first day of Ramadan by holding a one month- Ramadan Fair 2012. The theme is “Ang Panlipunang Pagbabago ay Nagsisimula sa Pagdalisay sa Sarili. Local traders and entrepreneurs, ARMM line agencies put up booths to sell and showcase ARMM’s rich products.
No less than ARMM Mujib Hataman and his wife National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Exec. Director Sittie Djalia Hataman leads the opening and cutting of ribbon. Also present are Regional Legislative Assembly Speaker Rasul. Mitmug, DILG Sec. Haroun Al Rashid Lucman, Tourism Sec. Nassreena S. Badiri, religious, business and government sectors.
In his speech, Hataman said they will continue genuine reforms in ARMM. “We will be implementing more reforms. Preserved our culture and tourism” he said. 
The event then took a turn for the insanely fun part, free food and drinks to all, 
The holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim (Hijrah) calendar, is the time for Muslims to fast from dawn to dusk.
Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, backbiting, doing indecent gestures, committing any sins, and even engaging in sexual intercourse to sympathize with the poor who suffer from hunger, and to commune in peace with their Almighty Creator.
President Benigno Aquino III on Monday lauded Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao officer in charge Governor Mujiv Hataman for being a “certified ghost buster.”
In his third state of the nation address before the joint session of both houses of Congress at the House of Representatives, Aquino said that before Hataman took office, ghost projects were rampant in the ARMM.
“Before our reforms in the ARMM began, what we had were ghost students walking to ghost schools on ghost roads, to learn from ghost teachers. Some of the apparitions that haunted OIC Governor Mujiv Hataman: Four schools found with ghost students; we are also investigating the teachers whose names do not appear in the list of the Professional Regulation Commission, as well as the government workers not listed in the plantilla,” Aquino said.
He added that since Hataman’s term, 55 ghost entries have been taken off the payroll and projects like re-graveling of roads repeatedly as some sort of fund raising program by local executives have also been outlawed. Likewise, the government also ended cash advances for agencies in the region. (By AYO GUNTING 25 July 2012)

Basilan..A piece of heaven

Basilan: A Piece of Heaven
(Photo courtesy by Basilan Official Website)

Basilan has been notorious for its gargantuan share of news about bombings, kidnappings, and killings. Because of such a reputation, Basilan is not even advised to be included in a traveler’s, both foreign and local, itinerary of must-see places in the Philippines. Except for some brave souls who happily rush to Basilan for adventure, it is nonetheless a place where angels fear to tread. But if beaches were pieces of heaven for sun and sea worshippers, then there are a lot of them on the main island and its surrounding unsullied sandbars.
Most visitors coming to this place do not know that behind Malamawi islet across the wharf of Isabela, the capital city, is a little piece of heaven on earth.
How do you get there? From Zamboanga City, there are at least 10 trips by ferry boats to Basilan which take an hour and a half at a maximum. Upon disembarking, there are motorboats just a few meters away. They are ready to take you for a two-minute ride across the channel to the islet for a measly fare of five bucks.
Once there, you take a habal-habal ride if there are only a few of you and do not have much to carry such as provision for food. For groups, elf and mini-trucks can also be had for round trips. You will negotiate a typical village road with lush vegetation around, as a breath-taking view awaits you on the other side. Or if you wish to go the convenient way, get the services of a motorized boat that will take you around the other half of the island and bring you right smack to the beach. You will sail through mangrove areas and those oft-photographed houses on stilts that speak of the Badjao’s peculiar way of life.
The boatman is at your beck and call as he waits for you the entire day until you decide to go back to the city proper across the channel.
All inconveniences are all worth the trip upon reaching the place, known for its name as White Beach. Once there, you could not help but gasp in awe at the sight of such pristine beach,that has maintained its rustic ambience. The sand is naturally white, unlike other resorts filled with white sand coming from other sources. Taking a dip, lazing on a hammock, playing beach volleyball, snorkeling, or simply lazing under the shades are just few of the things you can do there. Walking on a bar of sand equally proves like walking on clouds as you allow the surf to rush to and kiss your feet.
When the tide has ebbed, picnickers are transformed into beach combers who scour the stones on the side of the beach for edible finds.
You also draw a little thrill if you also happen to discover a starfish.

53rd Araw ng Lanao del Sur

DOT-ARMM is privileged to be part of the 53rd Araw ng Lanao del Sur celebrations from June 26 to July 4, 2012. No less than ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman joined the Provincial Governor Mamintal 'Bombit' Adiong Jr., during the Line Agencies and Capitol Day on July 1, 2012 at the Social Hall of the New Capitol Complex in Marawi City.

RG Hataman, together with his ARMM contingent composed of DepEd RSec Kulayan, RLA Speaker Ras Mitmug and DOT RSec Sampaco-Baddiri, visited the booths and exhibits of provincial offices of line agencies in Lanao del Sur---taking time to chat and ask questions about the status of the provincial offices such as the Provincial Health Office, the TESDA-Lanao del Sur and DepEd-ARMM Lanao del Sur divisions.

During the Capitol Day Programme, provincial offices of ARMM line agencies presented to RG Hataman their State of Governance Reports which included agency accomplishments, current programs and projects as well as issues and challenges facing the provincial offices.  RG Hataman aptly responded to the various issues raised, such as the need for heavy equipment in the maintenance and widening of roads in the two DPWH districts in Lanao del Sur. The Regional Governor assured the public that these heavy equipment will be distributed to the engineering districts as a result of current savings from reforms in DPWH-ARMM. 

Highlighting the tourism potential of Lanao del Sur, RSec. Baddiri of DOT-ARMM briefly spoke about working with other line agencies in jump-starting tourism development through community based training and livelihood programs. Citing the marching orders of RG Hataman in making the ARMM an important tourist destination, RSec. Baddiri emphasized the significance of the reform agenda of the ARMM regional governor in peace and order, governance and development in the success of tourism enterprise initiatives in the region. Lanao del Sur with its innate natural wealth and rich cultural heritage is a compelling example of what ARMM has to offer.

The Araw ng Lanao del Sur festivities will be capped on July 4, 2012 with a grand street parade, cultural performances, and a culmination program at the New Capitol Complex in Marawi City.

 (Photo from Mr Abul Alibasa)

(Photo from Mr Ashadie Alonto)