Tourism Community Forum

The Department of Tourism-ARMM headed by Secretary Nawal Nassreena B. Sampaco-Baddiri held a Tourism Community Forum on December 15, 2012 at the Kalimudan Hall of the Marawi Resort Hotel, formerly known as Ayala Resort Hotel in Marawi City.  This is attended by the Tour Guide Training Graduates from Barangay Calokan, Marawi City and MSU which was also sponsored by DOT-ARMM in partnership with TESDA Lanao del Sur and MSU CHARM from November 28-30, 2012 in Marawi City.

The aim of the forum was to know and familiarize the folklores and legend of Lake Lanao, particularly Calokan Cove, where most of the Tour Guide Training Graduates came from.  To realize this, the Department got the expertise of Dr. Abdullah T. Madale of MSU to give lecture during the forum.  

RLA-ARMM Assemblywoman Samirah A. Gutoc-Tomawis also participated in the forum and shared her goals and visions for tourism development in the Autonomous Region, and she emphasized this through helping Tourism Students from MSU who just graduated this month.  Hiring them is one, to do research studies on the History of ARMM Tourism Destinations such as Lake Lanao.

Secretary Baddiri on her part thanked Dr. Madale for sharing his precious time to share his knowledge on Maranao folklores and requested him to provide the Department written document of his lectures and also for distribution to the tour guide graduates for future use in tour guiding.  She also made a promised to the Barangay Officials of Calokan that Business Enterprise Training will be next on the Department's series of activities in Marawi City, that is in order to capacitate the local government unit residents how to earn money and sustain their livelihood in the long run.  "Cooperation among local residents, government agency partners in tourism and local officials is vital according to the good Secretary in order to have a successful and sustainable tourism development in any community."

DOT-ARMM Tour Guide Training  and Seminar Worksop Photos


Marawi City

In support to the thrust of the national government of promoting and enhancing sustainable tourism, the Department of Tourism- ARMM, with partners CHARM- MSU and TESDA- ARMM conducted a Tour Guide Training and Seminar Workshop in Marawi City last November 28-30, 2012.

The event was intended to capacitate local communities in promoting tourism in their area, generate economic growth and increase awareness on the relevance of tourism developments in the region.

The residents of Barangay Calokan, the pilot community were very receptive to the initiatives of the training facilitators because they believe that it is in their best interests to develop and promote tourism in their locality. According to Ms. Morsidah Dadayan, one of the participants from Barangay Calokan,  "Our area has so much to offer to tourists and excursionists alike. We have wonderful sights to behold and natural resources to be proud of. We want the world to know and appreciate this, as much as we do."

With the evident level of enthusiasm and interest from the participants, the training went smoothly and on schedule. It is hoped that with the sincere efforts we exerted, we are optimistic that our objectives of promoting a flourishing and sustainable tourism in our pilot community will be favourably attained. (Dulce K. Santos)
Tour Guide Training Participants with MSU CHARM Dean and Faculty Members,
DOT-ARMM Tourism Officers, PD Tarhata Mapandi of TESDA Lanao del Sur (seated center)
and Barangay Calokan Officials and residents.

MSU CHARM Dean Teresita T. Sanches (Seated Center) with her faculty
members Miss Ainnie Gangco(seated left), Miss Anne Fatimah Latip (seated
 rightand Tour Guide Training Assessor (standing 2nd to the left) and DOT-ARMM
 Tourism Officers