Ramadhan 2012 in Full Swing

It's been 12 days since Ramadhan Season 2012 was launched in the ARMM Complex and everything is in full swing. Last July 27, 2012 Prof. Hanie Bud launched a series of Islamic Lectures for every Friday of the Holy Month-- with insightful topics such as Ramadhan as Mercy and as a process for Human development with lecturer Usec. Alzad Sattar of the Bureau of Madaris.  Daily Muhadaras are also being sponsored by various line agencies in the Ramadhan Trade Fair with respected members of the Ulama in order to share their knowledge on Islamic values and virtues. Old and young converge at the Trade Fair to listen to lectures as well as to participate in contests and raffle draws.

According to Asec. Shalimar Candao of DOT-ARMM, visitors to the trade fair and the ARMM Complex average about 400 to 600 per night--peaking on weekends. Families with small children spend quality time at the ARMM Complex for iftar at the Trade Fair, Taraweh at the Blue Mosque and Muhadara back at the Trade Fair. Not to mention the eye-catching booths, product displays and cooking demos which recently featured CabSec Khal Mambuay-Campong and her now famous Beef Randang. 

Asec. Theresa Sakalahul of DOT-ARMM shares that since the launching of the Ramadhan Trade Fair, she has gotten to know lots of people who don't hold back their appreciation for the initiatives of the regional government. As one of the regular hosts at the Trade Fair, Asec Tess has become a well-loved fixture at the Trade Fair.

Another regular at the Trade Fair is Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman who can often be seen mingling with the trade fair crowd. Last August 1 during the Handwashing Demonstration of the DepEd-ARMM and Fit-for-School, RG Hataman together with RSecretary Jamal Kulayan gamely joined the demonstration to show the audience proper handwashing techniques. Asec. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph of DepEd-ARMM expressed how much Ramadhan events such as these bring the regional government closer to the people. As RG Hataman calls the children to come closer to the stage to watch the demo, he shares a light moment as they gather around him.

Regional Secretary Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri of DOT-ARMM credits the success of the Ramadhan 2012 activities to the collaborative efforts of DOT-ARMM, the ORG, the ORVG, DPWH-ARMM, DepEd-ARMM, DENR-ARMM, DTI-ARMM, BPI, BCH,  the Bangsamoro Youth Affairs and all ARMM agencies who have sponsored programs and activities for the Holy Month. Reflecting midway through Ramadhan, RSec Sampaco-Baddiri surmises the value of these programs and activities: "As we strengthen our spirituality through fasting and prayers, we also have the opportunity to strengthen our bond and fellowship with fellow Muslims from all walks of life." And thats something to look forward to in the coming weeks as we meaningfully observe the Holy Month of Ramadhan (DOT-ARMM, August 1, 2012)

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