On The Opening of the SAGAYAN FESTIVAL (Buluan, Maguindanao)

Message from the Regional Secretary

Assamu Alaikum!
Allow me to congratulate the provincial government of Maguindanao and the municipal government of Buluan for successfully organizing the colorful and lively Sagayan Festival. DOT-ARMM takes pride in the Sagayan Festival as it is a manifestation of our proud traditions and customs as a people.

The Sagayan Festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of Maguindanao in various mediums—whether through cultural performances in the form of the kulintang and ethnic dances and through exhibitions of Maguindanao’s wonderful cuisine.

This festival is very significant because it serves as a window to the culture not just of Maguindanao but also of the Bangsamoro. This event serves as a bridge between cultures and religions, expanding opportunities for mutual understanding and broadening avenues for cross-culture dialogue—as such, contributing to sustainable peace in our region.

Like many endeavors, tourism enterprises cannot prosper without meaningful peace and security. As such, tourism development must go hand in hand with peace-building in Muslim Mindanao. And without a doubt, the Sagayan Festival enhances our hopes for tourism and progress to flourish in our region.
Tourism can contribute not just to socio-economic development in our communities, but can also be a powerful tool in forging meaningful peace and equitable growth for our people. Through events such as the Sagayan Festival, we enhance our linkages with other regions in the country and at the same time, provide a venue for our brothers and sisters to appreciate the heritage, talent and beauty of Maguindanao.

Thus, it is truly appropriate to say that the Sagayan Festival is a blending of cultures and traditions of a people. And through this we open the way towards lasting peace and development for Muslim Mindanao.

Thank you, More power and Wassalaam

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